Solid Hardwood Dining Tables and Kitchen Furniture

For those of us that love a solid timber dining table and appreciate its individuality

We at GrandChester Designs completely understand the enjoyment that a fine dining table can bring, sitting with friends and family and enjoying the dining table and its characteristics as much as the meal. That’s why we go to remarkable lengths to bring you the customer adining able that is as individual as you and your needs. Please take a look at some of our dining tables and compare our prices a real value for your money is one of our critical components. From a solid slab dining table to a modern masterpiece we bring to you over 60 years of true craftsmanship.

We will create for you a piece to last a lifetime.

Recycled / Feature Grade Dining Table

This table was 2800mm long and was made from recycled / feature grade timber. We made the chairs too.

This table is 2.1mtrs and was a solid redgum slab .

This design is a angled leg design that we have two styles this is a 90mm wide leg and the more chunky of the two designs .

Picture with solid redgum chairs

  • Blackbutt 1800mm x 1800mm Square Table.
  • This table is definately a statement for any dining room. 1800mm x 1800mm square to seat 12 people. The timber on the top was made in different directions with a frosted glass contrast piece in the middle which also doubles to accommondate hot items being placed in the center. Custom built Solitery style chairs made from Blackbutt.

Round American Walnut Table

This picture really does not give this table justice. 2m round dining table with a turned base. Made from solid American Walnut.

The Moree Solid Hardwood Custom Built for our Customer The Moree Dining Suite This dining suite was made from solid Jarrah designed to seat 12 people comfortably. This table can be made in any size or timber.

3 mtr Jarrah 12 seater

If you have a large family we can accommodate you with a a table to suite any situation this solid Western Australian Jarrah table was perfect for 12 seats.

It was 3000mm long and 1100mm wide a very impressive table one one of our standard refectory bases.

2mtr x 1 mtr Bluegum table with Bennalong chairs stained to match.

The table has 90mmx90mm legs with a slight taper just enough to give it a little style.

Boat Shaped RedGum Table and Chairs

This Table was one very special table the customer wanted a clear slab in Redgum that is very hard to find but after searching basically the whole of Australia we found one and the finished piece speaks for itself and amazing table and a real pleasure to see this job through to the end .

The table was 2400mm x 1100mm and had a nice and subtle boat shape

The timber would be around 600 years old a real piece of history

Spottedgum table and buffet set

Solid Queensland Spotted gum , This is one heavy timber Spottedgum rates as one of the harder native Australian timbers that you can get and is also one of the most beautiful for those looking for a light colour , This table was a very simplistic style with a square base and square edge top . We can make it in any size and any timber this one was 2100mm x 1000mm the charis were the mitchel chair with one piece back and leather seats

Redgum Table with Shadow Line Top

This Table was made from Solid redgum it was 2mtrs x 1 mtr the legs were 90mm x 90mm and had a nice floating top .

A unique 1400 round Red Gum table with 4 legs


Solid Red Gum Table, 8 chairs and buffet.

Can be made in any timbers

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RED GUM Dining Table

Solid Red Gum Timber Dining Table

This table has a Refactory base

Can be made with any base or legs

JARRAH Dining table & 4 carvers & 4 chairs

SPOTTED GUM Dining table

Beautiful Timber, interesting design (bought in by our customer) makes every table we manufacture unique.

Brushbox H table with 10 chairs

This beautiful timber’s colour variation ranges from rich reddish browns to lighter browns through to pinkish greys. Table measures 2.8 mtrs x 1.1 mtr.

Tasmanian Blackwood Table

This beautiful solid Tasmanian Blackwood table can be manufactured to any size to suit your needs.
This one is 1800 x 1000

Jarrah Dining Table

Solid Jarrah Dining table

2100 x 1060

Turned colonial legs on table

Matching front legs on chairs


This table was designed as a signature series piece .

These pieces are straight from our design team, and showcase Grandchester Designs ability to remain a individual and passionate company.

Bringing you works of art that are affordable.

  • 1500 x 1500 Solid Redgum table with a very slight taper
  • 1500mm Solid Bluegum table with a very slight taper
  • This table went with six Bennalong chairs with leather seats
  • 2.4mtr Solid Bluegum table with a shadow line floating top this table also had 140mm solid legs for a very modern but solid feel. This table went with 12 Victor chairs with leather seats.

Jarrah box base table with storage. This table was 1800mm square, with a replica natural edge on all four sides.

  • Red Gum 3000mm x 1400mm table with four benches, another alternative to chairs.
  • This Beautiful table was built from a ancient redgum slab and had a nice angled leg style the top was 50mm finished but we tapered the under side to make it a little more elegant the size was 1500mm x 1000mm
  • This New Designed dining table is 2400mm long x 1050mm wide. Angled legs with a timber strip in the middle to have the extra wow factor. Angled corners to align with the angled legs gives this table a whole other look. Red Gum slab top, this table can be viewed in our display area contact us to arrange a visit.
  • This 3m Table was built for a home office, it is actually a desk. Made of Solid Sydney Blue Gum, this table was 3000mm long x 1500mm wide sitting on a refactory base with a shaddow line top. This new design of table was created to match the requirements to match the office furniture we were making for this customer. Can be made in any timber.
  • American Oak Dining Table.A beautifully designed dining table to seat 10 people. 120mm x 120mm square legs. Can be made in any size or timber, custom built to suit you.

The Railway Table

This table was made from recycled red iron bark railway sleepers, with a Chris cross chunky base this table truly is a piece of history right in your dining room.
We are sometimes limited to the type of recycled timber we can receive though will do our best to give you as many options as possible. Contact us for a quote.

  • This Red Gum Slad Table was 2400mm long x 1000mm wide. A rough edge slab top with a refactory base design.
  • This Red Gum Slab table with a refactory H base design. 2400mm long x 1050mm wide. The top corners were angled to create a different look. Contact us for a quote.
  • A Red gum slab table with rough edge top and an angled leg base design really is something different. This table was 2400mm long x 1050mm wide.
  • This 3000mm long x 1050-1100mm wide Red Gum slab table with a refactory base. Style of the chairs are the Cambridge located in our import chair range upholstered in Warwick fabric.
  • Beautiful Regum Table & Buffet.
    Made from solid Redgum. The tops on both piece were 1 piece slabs, each with their own unique identities.
  • Angled Leg Spotted Gum Table 2400mm long x 1000mm wide made of solid Spotted Gum timber.
  • This table had the corners of the table top cut at an angled to match the legs. Picture here with the Bennalong chairs stained to match the table.Can be made in any timber or size.
  • Tapered Leg Spotted Gum Table
  • This able was 2400mm long x 1000mm wide, the legs tappered in slightly.
  • Pictured with the Cambridge chairs upholstered in leather really makes this smart looking table smarter! Can be made in any size in any timber.

The Cover Table

This Yellow Box Slab table was designed to sit in a small dining area. This table also had an extension leaf to accommodate for extra people. These chairs are from our imported range.

Solid Sassafrass Hardwood Table Custom Built

This Sassafras Table really speaks for itself. With the simple modern custom built design allows the solid hardwood timber to stand out. Absolutely stunning.

The Congo Table

The Congo Table matches in with the Congo buffet and entertainment unit. 1700mm x 1700mm square table with a box base section allows for extra people to be seated with ease. Made from Vitex timber with Zebrawood trim. Can be made in any size.

The Glenorie Table & Chairs

This table was made from solid Sydney Blue Gum timber, designed and built to suit our customers need.

The Bottlebrush Table

This table was made from Silky Oak and was 2000mm long, made to match the Bottlebrush buffet.

The Bahamas

This table and chairs were made from Mahogany timber. Both the legs of the chairs and table had a slight taper. Fully upholstered in flaux leather, you really can’t tell the difference these days. This can be made in any any or timber.

The Entertainer Dining Suite

This square dining table was made from solid Spotted Gum timber. Chairs were from our imported range and were stained to match. This can be made in any size or timber.

  • Spotted Gum table with angled legs. Measurements 2400mm x 1100mm
  • The Wilma Table, straight out of bedrock this Red Gum Slab Table with rough edges has it all. Characater, Strength and of course looks great. This table has a refactory base design on a angle also allows for the extra people to be seated around the table. This table was 2400mm long x 1100mm wide, it is hard to find slabs that wide which was a bonus. This table show timber in it’s natural beauty.

Unique Dining Table

This dining table was designed to suit our customers needs. 2 carver chairs for the ends and 2 bench seats for the sides. This table also had drawers on each side for cutlery, place mats etc. Made from solid Red Gum with a 1 piece Red Gum slab top.

This custom built dining table was 1500mm in diameter with a kriss kross base design, 12mm toughened glass top with polished edges. Base was made from solid American Oak and stained.