Solid Hardwood Extension Dining Tables


Jarrah Table x 3. Custom Built into 3 sections. A 1800mm x 1800mm square table with 2 side tables each 600mm x 1800mm which can stored in other rooms of the house. This is a great idea if you also require a hall table or a foyer table as well as a dining table. The square table alone seats 12 and with the 2 hall tables connected this seats 16, also another option is to join the 2 hall tables together to make another square table which you can seat 24 people. Great for family gatherings such as birthday’s and Christmas where you require the extra spaces for the ever growing family. A real Innovative Idea designed and created by Grandcheser Designs.

Spotted Gum Stage 1

Stage 1 – This custom built 1500 x 1500 square Spotted Gum. Table starts off looking like this. Seating 8 comfortably. Chairs shown are the Verona and are Australian Made also made from Spotted Gum solid hardwood timber.

Spotted Gum Stage 2

Stage 2 – the addition to this table is 2 leaves on either side (1500 x 400). Turning an 8 seater into a comfortable 10 seater in a matter of minutes.

Spotted Gum Stage 3

Stage 3 – in addition to the 2 leaves in stage 2 there is now the addition of 2 x 1500 x 600 tables which turns this once 8 seater into a 14 seater.

BLACKBUTT Extension Table & 8 custom built Chairs

Oval Extension

Oval shape Jarrah extension table, with butterfly extension. Turned legs on a H base design. Pictured here with the imported Leigh chair stained to match the table.

  • The Old Farm House Table. This 1500mm square table had 2 extension leaves each side measuring 500mm x 1500mm. This table was made out of Yellow Stringy Bark made to look rustic. Every mark was made to stand out. This table came with a matching buffet, please have a look in our buffet section for this. This table can be made out of any timber, contact us for a quote.

Spotted Gum extension Table

This table has a butterfly extension which extends out to an 8 seater. The chairs were from our imported range and were stained to match. Made from solid Spotted Gum timber.

10 Seater Jarrah Table

This dining table with extension wings on each end makes for a very comfortable 10 seater table. Made from solid Jarrah, can be made in any timber or size. The dining chairs were custom built to suit the requirements for the customer.

Recycled Timber

This extension table was made from recycled blonde timber. With 2 extension leaves and 2 side tables you can customize your table to suit the number of guests. Can be made in any timber.