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Loft Beds & Bunk Beds

by | Feb 3, 2016


Just imagine the fun that could be had going to bed

The Cubby House Loft

Wow this Cubby House Loft bed was fun to make, great space saver and great for the kids to have fun with. Can be made in any size or timber.we can also design this bed for your individual needs

as pictured $2800   without drawers in the stairs $2350 with a ladder no stairs $1950

can also be made in solid timber you can also add a trundle as another bed underneath


The Esperance Loft

Wow, any kid would love this loft bed. With drawer stairs, lingerie chest and bookcase built in. The desk is on castors and can be moved anywhere. Great space saver . Can be made in any timber or colour.

The Fan-tastic Loft

Leeland’s Tigers Bed
This loft style bed was designed for a boy who LOVES his footy! The bed pictured is a double size bed, below the bed are 2 tallboys and a bookcase with a lift up flap. Drawer staircase up to the bed and on the back side of the stairs is a ladder which leads to an under bed cubby house, which has plenty of room for the whole family. The bed suits the smallest of rooms. This bed was made from a combination of Blue Gum & Yellow Stringy Bark (the white sections were made from pine & craftwood). Can be made with any NRL logo

safety rails come with the bed for safety not shown

The Cattai Bunk

The Cattai Bunks
Made from Sydney Blue gum. Single Bed on the top and Double Bed on the bottom with under bed storage drawers. Can be made in any timber. perfect for a holiday house

The Northam Bunk

These bunks were king single in size, with bookend section in the bed head and bookcase along the back wall really is quite unique. Made from pine and craftwood painted white and with real Jarrah trim and ladder. The drawers under the bed were on castors to which allows for the drawers to come all the way out, handy for toys etc. Can be made in any size or timber.great if you have that limited space in modern houses

Loft Beds & Bunk Beds

by | Feb 3, 2016