Extension Dining Tables

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Custom designed solid timber dining tables to fit your dining room perfectly


GrandChester Designs completely understand the enjoyment that a fine dining table can bring, sitting with friends and family and enjoying the dining table and its characteristics as much as the meal. That’s why we go to remarkable lengths to bring you the Custom Dining Table that is as individual as you and your needs. Please take a look at some of our designs, from a solid slab dining table to a modern masterpiece we bring to you over 60 years of true craftsmanship. We will create for you a piece to last a lifetime.

The Leaf II

Dimensions: 1500 mm

Seats: 8 – 12

Timber: Yellow Stringy Bark

Features: Removable extension leaves

Finish: Clear Stain

Comments: This design incorporates the use of two separate leaves that slot into the side of the table allowing extra surface space. A 1500 mm square, this Yellow Stringy Bark dining table uses two 1500 x 500mm extension leaves. It was designed to have a Rustic Farm House look and every mark was made to stand out. A matching Buffet was created to complete the set. The extensions can be wrapped up and stored away while not in use and then easily introduced back into the table when guests arrive.