Buffets & Sideboards

Grandchester Designs Originals

Custom designed buffets and sideboards for all your storage needs


GrandChester Designs go to remarkable lengths to bring you the custom buffet and sideboard that is as individual as you and your needs. Please take a look at some of our designs, from traditional to a modern masterpiece we bring to you over 60 years of true craftsmanship. All of these designs can be made in any length, timber and finish you desire. We will create for you a piece to last a lifetime.

The Old Farm House

Dimensions: 2600 mm x 900 mm x 500 mm

Timber: Yellow Stringy Bark

Features: 5 panel doors, 5 drawers, antique handles

Finish: Clear Stain

Comments:  This buffet was interesting to make. The buffet was 2600 mm long x 900 mm high x 500 mm deep. Made out of Yellow Stringy Bark this buffet was made to look rustic, the customer wanted the saw marks  and any other marks in the timber to stand out as much as possible. A matching dining table completed the set.